Coin with arabic writing and a backwards 7 symbol

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Item LB-SET5 LEBANON 5 COIN SET, LIVRES The coin has inscriptions in both Arabic and English and has a mintage of only pieces. Item PSD PALESTINE 10 DINARSBU $ Middle Eastern and Arabic Gold Coins. Golden Eagle Coins stocks a large gold bullion inventory online.

However, if there is a coin in this series that you don't see available, we likely have it in our inventory. Feb 09,  · Numista is an online participative catalogue of world coins, which enable you to manage your own collection and swap with numismatists from all over the world.

Find great deals on eBay for Arabic Coin in Middle Eastern Coins. Shop with confidence. Arabic numbers: Dates on coins are read from left to right. Coins using the AH (Anno Hegirae) system date from the time in AD when Mohammed "fled" from Mecca, escaping to Medina. Identifying World Coins Using Pictures: Some foreign coins don't have writing that is easily recognizable, and some don't have any writing at all.

This coin identifier is a set of pictures you may find on modern foreign coins where the country name is not easy to read.

Coin with arabic writing and a backwards 7 symbol
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