Convulation code

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Convolutional code

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Convolutional codes are beautiful because they are intuitive, one can understand them in many different ways, and there is a way to decode them so as to recover the most likely message from among the set of all possible. For example, conv(u,v,'same') returns only the central part of the convolution, the same size as u, and conv(u,v,'valid') returns only the part of the convolution computed without the zero-padded edges.

Convolutional code

Visual comparison of convolution, cross-correlation, and the operations involving function f, and assuming the height of f isthe value of the result at 5 different points is indicated by the shaded area below each point.

Also, the symmetry of. • The impulse response for the ith input of a conv. code can be determined by applying a 1 and m 0’s to the ith input and m+ 1 0’s to the other inputs. Nov 02,  · This example also computes the convolution of two triangle functions, i.e.


y(t) = x(t)*x(t) where x(t) are triangle signals and * is the convolution operator. This is the same problem examined in. convolution codes advanced communication systems pratishtha shira ram semest Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Convulation code
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