How to write an address on a letter with a po box

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Is there any preference between a street address and PO Box?

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Jul 11,  · Best Answer: You ignore the street address and use the PO box instead. Since it doesn't look like they even provided a street address, this is how you Status: Resolved. Post Offices Serving Department of Defense Installations. Handbook PO April Post Offices Serving Department of Defense Installations Handbook PO April To get the post office to deliver the same letter to your PO Box, simply swap the two address lines and put the PO Box address first.

PO Box Airport Rd Malta, MT Since both address lines still contain valid addresses, by listing the PO Box first, you're. Is there any preference between a street address and PO Box? Question. A letter delivered to a PO Box costs the USPS less money because they don't have to transport that letter to a street location.

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Thus, if you have a preference between a street address and a PO Box, put the preferred address on the first line and the "backup" address. The correct format for a P.O. box address is: First Name Last Name P.O. Box City, State Zip Code It is important to use the correct format or the carrier will not deliver your mail.

How to Address an Envelope to a PO Box

By putting both addresses on the piece of mail, you are letting the carrier know that the person residing at that.

How to write an address on a letter with a po box
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