Medical grant writing

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Health Grants

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Videocasts of OITE Events. A note to our colleagues outside the NIH: These presentations were developed for an audience of NIH trainees. Sometimes they will contain information that is very specific to trainees at the NIH.

Individuals can receive $5, to $, from health grants to cover their medical expenses.


Below we have listed the main government grant agency that looks after health grants, and then a variety of private foundations that serve a variety of health issues. Professional Grant Writers is a team of skilled nonprofit consultants who specialize in grant writing, program development, and grant readiness.

Cary Grant transformed from runaway Archie Leach into the debonair screen icon that he is remembered as today. Learn more at Grant Writing Tips Sheets This link provides links to grant-writing guides from multiple NIH Institutes.

The following links are a selection from those guides. ILR Calendar and agenda.

Looking for Medical Grant Writers

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Medical grant writing
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