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Creative Writing

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A selective, annotated collection of the best Web links for Chemistry educators. The Writer's Studio (available in class and online). The Writer’s Studio is a one-year, part-time creative writing program for writers who are ready to immerse themselves in a manuscript.

Choose from two delivery formats: In-class (Vancouver) Online.

The latest Tweets from SFU Creative Writing (@TWSSFU). Write in community with our Writer's Studio programs and multi-week creative writing courses. Vancouver, BC. The Writer’s Studio has one of the highest ratios of instructional contact hours per tuition dollar of any creative writing program in North America.

In addition to learning with our mentors, you’ll learn from other local authors who give talks and readings throughout the year. The mission of the Creative Writing Department is to make our writers attentive readers of the literatures of the world and socially aware members of society, who can use writing for self-expression, explorations of the possibilities of the medium, as well as in service of social causes and concerns.

Journal production and writing — based exercise system developed by George Wiger at Sfu creative writing faculty State U.

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Creative Writing

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Sfu creative writing
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