Should i write a book on paper or computer

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Should You Take Notes On Paper Or On A Computer?

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Should I type it on a computer or a typewriter? No matter what you choose, computer, typewriter, or a pen, the most important thing about writing is your actual writing.

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I answered previously a question (Cara Garrett's answer to I am writing a book. “Pen and paper vs computer”, a timely topic to discuss. Here i’ll try to put my opinion which i prefer and why?

I write poems in Hindi and Urdu, sometimes short stories also. If you’re questioning if you should write your novel on a computer or piece of paper, allow me to narrow your scope. ADVANTAGES: It’s a strange feeling to describe, but if you ever written a book on a piece of paper, you’ll be more in-tuned with it because you’re not going at a rapid pace.

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We're trusted and chosen by many students all over the world! I guess writing personal stuff full time is very different than writing a typed, dry school assignment once in a while (we were given a choice between computer and paper for assignments, I always chose paper.

Should i write a book on paper or computer
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